Spiritual Cleansing session

Cleansing with Fabrice Splinder in Aix-en-Provence, Paris or from a distance

A full cleansing session will focus on a person’s aura and spiritual energy system. Fabrice’s technique helps to restore the natural balance within a person. To go further, he will revive energy to the body’s vital centres, allowing them to function properly. The energy will flow freely through the body pathways, blockages will disappear. Spiritual cleansing can eliminate negative energy in and around an individual (evil eye, bad intentions, jealousy, black magic etc.), helping maintain a person’s mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Treatment can be performed over great distances, so the client doesn’t need to be there in person to receive all the healing benefits. Long distance healing, also referred to as remote or non-local healing, works on the premise that everything is connected by energy, thus distance is unimportant. Energy has no limitations or boundaries, making long distance healing just as effective as healing sessions conducted in person.

The defining characteristic of Fabrice’s work is the speed and liberating effect that it offers. 

The areas that can be improved include:

Psychosomatic: all suffering in mind and body

 Immune system and defence  Cardiac and circulatory disorders Gastrointestinal disorders Reproductive system disorders
Somnambulism Insomnia Dyspraxia   Cancer and tumors

Our spiritual cleansing sessions :

  • Do not use instruments or foreign objects
  • Do not involve physical contact or manipulation
  • Work in conjunction with medical treatment prescribed by your doctor
  • Are suitable for children, in fact experience shows that children are very receptive to spiritual cleansing sessions

Warning : Spiritual cleansing sessions should not be used as a substitute for medicine or medical treatment by a doctor.