Other Therapies performed in Aix en Provence, Paris or from a distance

Karma release

Karma release can help you face difficult decisions or challenges in your life. Perhaps you don’t know why you can’t leave your wife or husband after an infidelity? Why your family doesn’t accept you? What you have done to someone to deserve his or her bad behaviour? Why you have a certain phobia? And so on.

During a karma release session, you will be free of any unpleasant moments and you will gain an understanding of the location of the blockage.

One session is enough to achieve the desired results.

Ferryman Soul

Sometimes after death, a person’s spirit stays on in an invisible in-between state on earth, in close proximity to family members. The mission of a ferryman soul cleansing session is to remove the spirit that has remained on earth, as it doesn’t belong to this world but to another.

Vibration protection

Life is a journey and sometimes the path will be filled with tragedy and unhappiness. We all need to feel pain, just as we need to feel alive and loved. Life is full of ups and downs but we need to keep pushing forward. While it’s impossible to break patterns because they form part of your unique journey, you can protect yourself against negative energy through vibration therapy.

Black Magic

Black magic, often known as the ‘evil eye’, does exist, however hard this is to believe. Black magic takes its power from negative energy, and its opposite, positive energy, has the power to weaken it. It is possible to remove a black magic curse or hex from someone through cleansing techniques, as long as it is done with their approval.

Cleansing Sessions for Animals

Fabrice also performs spiritual cleansing sessions on animals and has found them very receptive to his techniques. Like people, animals suffer from negative energy too. Your pet may seem intelligent and communicative, but they may show strange behaviour and disorders (lack of desire, intolerance, excitement, fear, rejection, aggression) which can be treated. 

For the equestrian community, Fabrice has developed a program called "Fusion" that connects the animal with the rider, which has resulted in positive results in riding competitions.


The word "exorcism" often creates a feeling of fear and discomfort. Scary movies accentuate this perception 

and the word has become taboo. The definition of exorcism is to have an unknown spirt inside the body of another person. This results in behavioural disorders and strange movements and gestures. You may even notice a change in the tone of the person's voice.

Exorcism affects a very small number of people, often those who are frail, depressed or under the influence of black magic or a general anaesthetic. It is possible to remove the unknown spirit in just one session.