Meditations sessions

Meditate with Fabrice Splinder in Aix en Provence, Paris or from a distance

Despite the prejudices and misunderstandings surrounding this practice, the healing power of meditation is well proven. In addition, there is no limited age to meditate; you can start anytime! 

People often say of meditation, "I can’t do it. I always think of something else. I just can’t concentrate." Rest assured that any experienced meditator has faced the same issues and challenges as you. Reaching a state of mental emptiness is not easy, but with work and a lot of patience, anyone can do it. 

Meditation allows us to look inside ourselves while connecting with the universe on a deeper level. It is a very personal experience and provides an opening to our soul and inner truth.

"It is not necessary to meditate on the name of Jesus, Buddha or anyone else. Just meditate, quite simply. Meditate."

Source: Yehudi Menuhin, American violinist | Born in New York in October 1916

Advice on a meditation session

You just need to breathe slowly, with a straight spine and be seated in a quiet and calm place.

There is no perfect time to meditate. Some people say their concentration is better in the morning, others say nighttime is best for them; it is a personal decision. Try to meditate for 30 minutes each day as a good benchmark. However, we understand that today’s life styles don’t always offer us this time – work, children, housework can get in the way. Meditating for even just a few minutes per day can change your life.

In our experience, meditation can slow down the aging process in women, and for men, it helps develop charisma and brings out a warrior spirit that can be helpful at work. Everyone is truly free to meditate as he or she wants.

With regular practice, you will quickly feel the benefits of meditation, and the best thing is, it is completely free!