Feng Shui and Harmonisation of Places

Feng Shui and harmonisation of places with Fabrice Splinder in Aix-en-Provence, Paris or from a distance

The Chinese tradition of Feng Shui is a very powerful tool for harmonization of places such as homes and offices. Based on the idea that your living space reflects your life, Feng Shui strives to achieve balance in both. 

During 13 years of living in China and immersing himself in Chinese culture, Fabrice was able to witness Feng Shui in practice every day; and has gained a deep understanding and grasp of this ancient technique.

People often wonder why they feel comfortable in some houses but uncomfortable in others. Fabrice believes that like people, our homes and offices are affected by the social, family and work environment that goes on around it, and will capture and embody these energies, both positive and negative. 

By using Feng Shui techniques, Fabrice is able to release any negative energy that gets trapped in a place, restoring the natural balance to each room and harmonising the entire home or office

The five elements at the core of Feng Shui are: 

Fire Water Earth Wood Metal

Recommendations for a Feng Shui session

This technique is suggested before selling or buying a new house.