Healing and meditation in Aix en Provence, Paris or from a distance

Consultation in Paris the 1st and 2nd of february 2017

Fabrice Splinder’s biography

His spiritual path to discovery

Hello, my name is Fabrice Splinder. I am Aquarius ascendant Gemini, with the moon in Scorpio. With this astrological alignment, I was destined to one day follow a spiritual path. 

I was born in one of the most beautiful towns in France, Aix en Provence, and studied business. I soon became an accomplished and successful businessman, but I was driven by money and material things. Determined to take on new challenges, I lived and worked in China for 13 years. I joined the Petit Futé travel guide company (www.petitfute.com) in 2000 to support its China operations. 

While in China, I also turned towards politics and become the youngest vice president of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (www.ccifc.org) in Beijing from 2003 to 2006. 

I continued my professional advancement with the creation of the French Junior Chamber (JCI) in Beijing (www.jcef-pekin.fr), an institution that helps people set up businesses in China. 

To control the stress levels in my life, I started to meditate and this quickly became a daily routine. In 2008, this passion for meditation and spirituality changed my life and I knew that I was no longer following the right path. I felt a strong desire to help humankind, children in need, and to make the world a better place - and that gave real meaning to my life and a new path to follow. 

After founding a new JCI Chapter in Hong Kong, I gave it a more social orientation by raising funds for several organizations, including ones that help orphans in Hong Kong, Changing Young Lives (www.changingyounglives.org.hk), and India, City of Joy (www.cityofjoy.org). During a trip to Calcutta, Dominique Lapierre shared a quote with me from Mother Theresa that will always remain etched in my mind, "If you save a child, you save the world.

In 2011, I moved back to France and worked with various shamans to strengthen and deepen my spiritual healing techniques. I began helping friends to eliminate their headaches or malaise and found this feeling of assisting others to be very rewarding and addictive. The more I healed others, the more I felt my gift develop and intensify. I am now able to treat a range of illnesses and conditions. 

Beyond the techniques used, this spiritual gift within me has become omnipresent and I feel a real connection with the universe and all creation.

This gift is inside me and everything has come one after another…